Lifeworks went from $0 to $250M in AUM in under 5 years.

Now, you can too.​

Discover the proven strategies, marketing plans, and client deliverables to grow your book of business by joining The Future of Advice® Academy.

Most advisors know that what they're doing won't work in the future.

They don’t have an effective system for winning new clients in a digital environment. 

They don’t have a scalable business model centered around financial advice, not investment strategies.

They don’t have a hyper-personalized and elegant client experience.

"Too few advisors are building a practice for the 21st century."

It's time that changed.

Learn how to build a thriving wealth management practice with The Future of Advice® Academy.

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Ron and Ric

Ron Bullis, CEO of Lifeworks, interviewing Ric Edelman

October 2022

It's all in The Future of Advice® Academy.

Monthly live-streamed events

Attend live-streamed training sessions focusing on critical areas of advisor planning and business strategy with live Q+A and access to industry leaders.

Access to Lifeworks materials

Get our financial planning deliverables that we use for our subscription-based financial planning system, client experience maps, sales language, and team development tools.

Business strategy

Craft a compelling strategy for your business, identify the right business model, and get cash flow projects and team development / compensation planning.

Business development

Craft ideal client personas and learn how to best use them for your marketing. Learn to create a buyer’s journey to win prospects faster than ever. Get access to our marketing campaigns, landing pages, sales funnels, and pitch decks used in our journey from $0 to $300M of AUM in under 6 years.

Client experience

Learn how to standardize your services and client deliverables, get visibility into the Lifeworks onboarding process, and implement a subscription based financial planning services.

4 live in-person workshops

Gather with fellow growth-minded advisors in destination cities as we build our wealth management firms faster and more efficiently.

Get the tools and resources you need for the future of financial advice.

The Future of Advice® Academy is a unique training program and roadmap designed to help growth-focused advisors build 21st-century practices.

Open to any growth-focused advisor.

What advisors are saying about the Academy

The advice we implemented from this course has made a huge impact on our business and our clients.

Dave Zoller

Streamline Financial Services

The entire experience was eye-opening and validated many of my observations in this business going many years back.

“The entire experience was eye-opening and validated many of my observations I have had in this business going many years back. Thank you. You have taught me a ton and have inspired me to re-imagine my business moving forward.”

Eric Shoenfeld

Prime Capital Investment Advisors

They have everything you would need to grow and manage your business.

“I have seen the future of wealth management and its name is Lifeworks. Ron Bullis is super smart and passionate about helping people. They have everything you would need to grow and manage your business, processes, workflows, marketing, money management, and technology. I would highly recommend spending time with Ron and his team!"

Frank O’Hara


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