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What will the future of financial advice look like? How can advisors build successful 21st-century practices? What are the greatest challenges advisors face today? Get access to these in-depth exclusive interviews with industry leaders like Ric Edelman, Marty Bicknell, Jason Wenk, Anders Jones, and more.

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Ric Edelman

“The opportunity for building your business to unprecedented levels has never been bigger. The opportunity to succeed in your practice has never been better. It’s extraordinarily exciting….if you are going to build a practice for the 21st century. And, there are too few advisors doing that, sadly.”

Anders Jones

“38 million households, $44 trillion in assets, ignored by traditional advisors.”

Ray Sclafani​

“What are the best teams doing to build trust and win new clients in today’s digital environment?”

We've interviewed some of the most successful, forward thinking leaders in the wealth management industry.

Marty Bicknell, CEO of Mariner Wealth Advisors

Ric Edelman, Founder and former Chairman of Edelman Financial Engines

Jason Wenk, Founder & CEO of Altruist

Steve Lockshin, Founder and CEO of Advice Period 

Anders Jones, Founder and CEO of Facet Wealth

Ray Sclafani, Founder and CEO of Clientwise

Penny Phillips, President and Co-Founder of Journey Wealth

Megan Carpenter, CEO and Co-Founder of FiCom Partners

And more

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