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Solving the biggest challenges that wealth management firms face today.

To win the future, advisors and firms must find solutions to these 3 significant challenges:

Client Experience + Advisor Technology

A disconnected client experience and advisor technology that lags way behind modern FinTech.

Outdated Business Model

An outdated business model that is focused on charging asset management fees and then giving away the one thing clients want more of and are willing to pay for: personalized advice and financial planning.

Predictable + Scalable Client Acquisition

Lack of a scalable and predictable client acquisition system that delivers ideal clients month after month

Clients are looking to capture more value from their advisory relationships. They are demanding seamless and intuitive digital platforms that deliver more personalized advice and planning. Traditional models are failing to deliver it.


It is time to build a smarter advisory practice and deliver to your clients the future of advice™ — today.

The Lifeworks Solution

The Future of Advice™

New Flexible Business Model

Develop a service and fee structure that allows you to charge fairly for your time, expertise, and advice.

Seamless + Intuitive Client Experience

Lifeworks has developed a seamless and intuitive client experience that connects all segments of the wealth management process with the back office operations of clearing, custody, compliance, and account management.

Dynamically Grow Your Practice

Our client acquisition system allows you to build a scalable and predictable book of business month after month.

Lifeworks Advisors receives strategic investment from Mariner Wealth Advisors’ CEO Marty Bicknell  See more here.

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Win the client experience. Win the future.

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