The Future of Advice®

Our industry is ripe for disruption.

There has never been a better time for advisors to build massively successful practices that win the clients of today and the next generation of wealth creators. 

To build a successful 21st-century practice, you need to solve these three significant challenges.​

Growth engine

You need a predictable and scalable system for winning your ideal clients and growing your practice.

Modern business model

You need a business model that is not reliant on the traditional AUM-only fee structure. A business model that aligns the value you provide your clients with your fee structure.

Client experience

You must deliver an elegant, seamless, and highly-personalized client experience if you want to win the next generation of clients. What used to work will not cut it in our new digital environment.

future of advice

We built a growth engine using digital marketing.

Lifeworks used digital marketing campaigns to grow from zero assets to over $250m in less than five years. We believe that the future of advice will be won by advisors who use digital marketing to narrowcast and deliver personalized content to their ideal client. Just as our clients have unique stories and purposes for their lives, we believe you, the advisor, has a story to tell. We built our digital marketing platform to help you tell your story, share your expertise with the right clients, and rapidly grow your business.

Our business model aligns your value with your fee structure.

Lifeworks built the first subscription-based financial planning platform. We know that clients want a transparent and simpler fee structure from advisors and at the same time they are demanding a more personalized and connected experience.

Our platform allows you to build a profitable and scalable subscription-based financial planning practice that aligns your fees with the most valuable work you do for your clients.

”A pricing structure inconsistent with the value provided handicaps firms when it comes to telling their value story. This is particularly relevant when firms are heavily reliant on AUM-linked fees, while so many services that clients receive are unrelated to managing investments.”

Deliver an elegant, seamless, and highly-personalized client experience.

Lifeworks developed the first liability-driven wealth management system that fixes the flawed traditional approach to financial planning and investing. Our seamless technology makes delivering modern, elegant, and highly personalized financial planning and investing accessible for everyone.


The 10 trends that will shape the future of wealth management

In this short video, Ron Bullis shares the ten trends that will shape the future advice.

See what the future of advice looks like for your practice.

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